The Disney World Monorail is the best free Walt Disney World Transportation available and lets you avoid the stress of Disney World Parking.

The Disney World Monorail is fast and effective and tons of fun. Not only does it quickly deliver you to your Disney World destination, but it can be a great way to sight-see and enjoy some Disney time for free.

It’s “Your Highway in the Sky” so “Please stand clear of the doors"; "Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas" and enjoy your adventure!

You don’t have to stay at Walt Disney World Resorts or even visit the Disney Theme Parks to enjoy their monorail systems.

It is a fun and free way to spend the day! Anyone can ride on the Disney World Monorail. You are allowed to stand during the ride as long as you hold on to the hand bars.

The air conditioned monorails can easily accommodate guests with disabilities or wheelchairs (ECV’s). If you have small children or strollers, no problem!

Disney Monorail

If you are Not staying on Disney property, and Not visiting the Disney Theme parks, but want to take a free ride on the Disney Monorails, make sure you park in either the Contemporary, the Polynesian, or the Grand Floridian resorts parking lots.

Just show the resort guards station your ID and tell them that you are visiting the resort. They will welcome you with a smile. You can park for free while visiting the Disney resorts, just park and enter the resort and follow the signs to the monorail station.

The Disney World Monorail system consists of 3 separate tracks, so plan your route ahead of time, especially if you’re on a time limit.

All 3 monorail tracks meet at the Ticket and Transportation Center; the TTC is the Hub for all Disney Monorail activity. You can get on any of the 3 monorails from the TTC.

The monorail runs one hour before Disney theme park opening time to one hour after theme park closing time. The resort monorail starts running at 7:00 am.

Disney Monorail Leaving the Contemporary Resort

1. The Resort Monorail ~ this route stops 5 times ~ it stops at 3 Disney Resorts, the Magic Kingdom, and the TTC. This is a great way to easily see the Disney Contemporary resort, Disney Polynesian resort, and the Disney Grand Floridian resort. This monorail route passes through the inside of the Contemporary resort and also offers views of the Magic Kingdom.

2. The Express Monorail ~ this route is a one way express monorail to the Magic Kingdom. It only goes between the TTC and MK. Once you drive to the Magic Kingdom and Park, you can either walk or take a tram to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC). From here you have 2 choices of transportation to get to the Magic Kingdom, the Disney Ferryboat or the Disney World Monorail (Express Monorail).

3. The Epcot Monorail ~ this route runs only between the Ticket and Transportation Center to Disney Epcot Theme Park. If you are not planning on visiting Epcot, I would recommend this monorail ride to sightsee and view Epcot.

The monorails Do Not go to Downtown Disney, the Water Parks, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or any other resorts (except the 3 resorts mentioned above).

The Avengers Monorai

Some fun Disney World Monorail facts ~ don’t forget to ask the monorail Cast Members for collectable Disney transportation cards.

  • October 1st 1971 – The opening day of the Walt Disney World Monorail system.
  • There are 12 differently colored monorails – They are; Black, Silver, Gold, Lime, Green, Blue, Teal, Peach, Coral, Orange, Yellow, and Red.
  • You used to be able to ride up front in the cockpit but not anymore since the accident in 2009.
  • They used to have a Purple and a Pink Disney monorail, but an accident in 2009 put them out of order. The pink and purple cars that weren’t damaged were used in the making of the Teal and the Peach monorails.

  • You can see and ride on promotional monorails like the Tron monorail that was out in 2010 and the Avengers monorail that was out in 2012.

  • Over 140,000 guests use the Disney monorails every day
  • Between the late 80’s to 1990, Disney replaced their original fleet of 12 monorail Mark IV’s for new and improved monorail Mark VI’s
  • Each of the Disney Monorails consists of 6 cars, 24 guest bench seats, 124 rubber tires, and a front and back drivers cab and can hold up to 365 passengers.
  • The monorail can go between 10mph to 40mph.
  • Each monorail costs approximately three and a half Million dollars.
  • There is over 14 miles of monorail track at Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Disney had Diesel powered Tow trains in case of monorail break-downs or problems.

Epcot Express Monorai

~~~~~ Yellow Monorail at Disney Epcot Center ~~~~~

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